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Earrings are the most widespread kind of jewelry. From ancient times they were worn by women, by men and by children. Earrings had a rower of an amulet protecting from illnesses and punning the evil eye on its owner and even rescuing life of soldiers on the battlefield. Earrings were very popular with the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt and the Ethiopia. Among uncountable jewelry found in the Egyptian tombs the amount of earrings made of gold is the largest. In the countries of the Ancient East earrings were very widespread. Earrings with sapphires, rubies, emeralds - the imagination of east masters had no borders and found the reflection in the most magnificent jewelry pieces. In Ancient Greece and Rome earrings were not less popular than in Assyria, India or China. Rich Greek and solvent Roman women wore earrings with pearls with great pleasure showing everybody their prosperity and high position in society. Representatives of higher class preferred luxury and magic of bright and multicolored stones to elegant charm of pearls. They chose earrings with topazes, pomegranate or sapphire.

Golden earrings have always been a fashionable jewelry of women, especially during the Renaissance period. Jewellers decorated earrings with pearls, diamonds, enamel. The baroque has made earrings a constant part of jewelry sets. Jewellers set fashion and ladies at the court yard wore earrings made of white and yellow gold with diamonds and inserts of ivory, tree, turtle's shell. The fashion on multicolored golden jewelry has come later- after the epoch of Classicism with large smooth forms.

Nowadays earrings are popular as well as thousand years ago. Tendencies of modern fashion find no distinctions between sexes and earrings are worn both by women and by men. For many years the first positions in the world of fashion take golden earrings with precious stones: earrings with citrine, emerald, ruby. At our collection of diamond earrings, birthstone and gemstone earrings, pearl earrings you'll find such fine stones as amethyst, tourmaline, quartz, sapphire, topaz, various kinds of pearls, citrine, garnet, alexandrite, opal, onyx, ruby and emerald.

Due to the absence of bright diamonds, excellent quality and faultless design earrings made of gold presented at our on-line store will suit the strict office atmosphere. Besides they are excellently combined with business suits. Though these golden earrings are not so noticeable as other earrings with bright diamonds their refined beauty will attract the proper attention to their owner. And this effect is reached by surprising harmony of the form, color, material and ways of its cutting. You will also find earrings and other jewelry pieces made of sterling silver, white and yellow gold of high quality.

Among variety of modern earrings you can find stud earrings, hoop and C-hoop, endless hoop and wire hoop earrings, leverback and dangle earrings, threaded, chandelier and post earrings.

Omega and rope bracelets, Figaro, san marco and curb link bracelets, assorted, charm and gemstone bracelets, bismark and nautical bracelets made of all kinds of gold and silver are on your disposal.

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Your Price: $175.14
14k Two-tone Polished Ball Dangle Post Earrings14k Two-tone Polished Ball Dangle Post EarringsRetail Price: $131.84
Your Price: $114.64
Emerald Diamond EarringsEmerald Diamond EarringsRetail Price: $1058.00
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14k 6mm Princess Cut Peridot leverback earring14k 6mm Princess Cut Peridot leverback earringRetail Price: $294.58
Your Price: $256.16
14k 8x6mm Emerald Cut Cubic Zirconia earring14k 8x6mm Emerald Cut Cubic Zirconia earringRetail Price: $162.89
Your Price: $141.64
14k 6mm Trillion Cubic Zirconia earring14k 6mm Trillion Cubic Zirconia earringRetail Price: $123.14
Your Price: $107.08
14K White Gold Channel Set .50ct 20-Diamond Hoop Earrings14K White Gold Channel Set .50ct 20-Diamond Hoop EarringsRetail Price: $1127.18
Your Price: $980.16
Karat Platinum .500ctw Princess Diamond Screwback EarringsKarat Platinum .500ctw Princess Diamond Screwback EarringsRetail Price: $1053.46
Your Price: $916.05
Blue Topaz Diamond EarringsBlue Topaz Diamond EarringsRetail Price: $671.60
Your Price: $584.00