Birthstone Earrings

Unique collection of birthstone earrings is waiting for you! There is a definite gemstone for each month and it is believed to be the lucky stone for the person who wears it. This birthstone is said to bring his owner luck, the feeling of harmony, lightness and happiness. It is also proved to improve the health. is glad to offer you stylish birthstone earrings for each month. Amethyst, emerald, peridot, sapphire, tourmaline, citrine, garnet, ruby, opal, topaz, pearl and other magnificent gems in gold look gorgeous and elegant. Small heart or flower birthstone earrings will be perfect for little girls and you can bring some magic into the life of your little princess. Enjoy high quality and beauty of our birthstone earrings at the lowest prices available!

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14kw 8x5 Pear Smokey Quartz Earrings14kw 8x5 Pear Smokey Quartz EarringsRetail Price: $131.03
Your Price: $113.94
14kw 10x7 Pear Green Amethyst Earrings14kw 10x7 Pear Green Amethyst EarringsRetail Price: $166.82
Your Price: $145.06
14k White Gold 8x5mm Pear Blue Topaz leverback earring14k White Gold 8x5mm Pear Blue Topaz leverback earringRetail Price: $287.22
Your Price: $249.76
14kw 8mm Round Smokey Quartz Earrings14kw 8mm Round Smokey Quartz EarringsRetail Price: $162.31
Your Price: $141.14
14K White Gold Peridot Stud Earrings14K White Gold Peridot Stud EarringsRetail Price: $40.85
Your Price: $35.52