Gemstone Earrings

Elegant collection of gemstone earrings is waiting for you! The world of gemstones is unique and magnificent. Each gem has its own origin, history, legend and properties. You can choose the gemstone for its color, its beauty or its symbolism. There is special classification of gems for each month of birth and Zodiac sign. is glad to offer you the widest choice of gemstone earrings in variety of shapes, designs and materials. Let's see some magic and healing power of gems from this collection. Garnet is believed to regulate heart and blood flow, to cure depression and protect its wearer. Pearl is aid to bring love and fertility. Opal improved the mood and cures depression. Peridot is believed to bring success, luck and feeling of harmony. Topaz is said to make women happy and men intelligent, to dispel sadness and anger. Turquoise attracts money, love and luck and eases mental tension. We can also offer you other magnificent gemstones and you can enjoy the beauty and high quality of gemstone earrings at the most reasonable prices!

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14k Onyx Beaded Hoop Earrings14k Onyx Beaded Hoop EarringsRetail Price: $204.47
Your Price: $177.80
14K White Gold Opal Stud Earrings14K White Gold Opal Stud EarringsRetail Price: $87.93
Your Price: $76.46
14k 7mm Heart Smokey Quartz Earrings14k 7mm Heart Smokey Quartz EarringsRetail Price: $130.87
Your Price: $113.80
14k White Gold 4mm Amethyst Earrings14k White Gold 4mm Amethyst EarringsRetail Price: $95.20
Your Price: $82.78
14k 7mm Trillion Amethyst leverback earring14k 7mm Trillion Amethyst leverback earringRetail Price: $244.84
Your Price: $212.90
14kw Princess 4-Prong 8.0mm Green Amethyst Earrings14kw Princess 4-Prong 8.0mm Green Amethyst EarringsRetail Price: $261.05
Your Price: $227.00
Your Price: $174.00
14K Gold Rhodiumdolite Earrings - June14K Gold Rhodiumdolite Earrings - JuneRetail Price: $111.73
Your Price: $97.16